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The shifts have been very fast these last few days. Everything is different and I am accepting…as best I can. However, this morning I had some questions and I felt alone until I realized I wasn’t alone.


This morning’s embodied message from Anu.

Anu: Speak. I have never heard you speak! You depend on others to tell you the truth when all along you know the truth. Here I stand before you and you question why I am here. Speak, for I want to hear your voice when I am here too.

Donna: Why are you still coming through as a stone figure?

A: That is because you still view me as a stone figure. I am real, however I do not need a body or anything physical. This is the only way I can come to you…as a vision of what you think I look like.

D: So you don’t look like this?

A: No, I am energy, just as you are energy.

D: I get it. Sorry for my confusion.

A: Yes, it was yours, but not only yours. Everyone who thinks this way, is denying their own energy. They think the soul is touchable. It is not. It is energy, invisible energy; so vast and so endless.

D: I see what you are saying…haha…see…I feel what you are saying. Now I see you more as energy with only glimpses of your picture. Now I see color as energy and your color is gold.

A: Yes, that is better. You are understanding more about energy now. This will allow you to let go of physical form and also allow you to see others as they truly are. Maybe you will see them as color first and then as pure energy and that is fine with me. You must feel. You must see the feeling before you can let go of the physical form. That’s an interesting statement.

I have always been out here in this thing you call space and I am also so close to your ear right now—or what you perceive is your ear, when in reality it is the Universe. Your ear is the Universe. It touches what you perceive to be a boundary, but there is no boundary anymore. You are outside of your box more and more every day. When you began to realize that YOU (soul) were inside you and not outside you, your Universe expanded. Now you can see from up here, hence the reason you have been feeling so good lately. You are now as wide and as vast as the Universe is. You have become the Universe.

I want to tell all right now who read this…you are the Universe. Step outside the box you are in, the box is your physical being. Your soul yearns to expand, yearns to be free—and that means to once again understand there are no boundaries for you to be in anymore. Please do not create more boundaries with thoughts of separateness. Everyone is you and you are the Universe. That makes for a mighty big Universe.

D:  Thanks for the check-in this morning. I need this. Feeling separate from my soul, but I will use your words this morning to bring myself–my soul—back into me and that, I feel, will allow me to expand.

A:  Allowing the expansion. Yes! ‘See’ you later!

And I continue on with the day, seeing everything as energy and not its physical form.

Donna, I embody my soul.

The Intensity Of Letting Go Is Heating Up

This blog is a continuing story. It would benefit you to start at the first one. Please scroll down to the beginning.

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img_0307Hello my fellow travelers in the realm of Unity Consciousness!

These last few weeks leading up to the end of 2016, have been intense. There’s been more letting go, more vivid dreams, and a lot more anxiety along with those. It doesn’t last, but when it’s here, it feels like we’ll never find the end of that tunnel.

Yesterday, I spoke with a friend via FB messenger. Writing is always so different than speaking. It seems more comes out that way. I began to express another layer of ‘letting go’ of something. I cried for 3 seconds and then I went on a 16 mile bike ride. It was almost like the bike ride was a celebration of my soul releasing! It felt good and I would’ve never thought I’d be able to ride for that long.

What’s interesting about these days of releasing, is that everything goes so much faster. The intensity is definitely higher and I feel the vibration of this letting go for days prior to the actually tears. It’s all the stuff prior to the ‘letting go’ that’s the hardest I think; the crazy dreams, the sadness and grief, and the anxiety!

I’ve been watching a show on Netflix the last couple of days, “The Pyramid Code.” It’s worth checking out. Only one season, but they said a lot in those episodes. I recognized much of what I know in what they were saying. We have the ability to raise our consciousness, however, it was somehow forgotten, along with many of our soul purposes here at this time.

This morning I was on my yoga mat and realizing all of these thoughts I just expressed to you. Anu came to me as soon as I started expressing the opening created by ‘letting go.’

These were his words:

“Letting go of these things that you have been letting go of, is leaving space. It’s not creating anything new, it’s leaving space for new things to enter. And these new things are a different way to love. Remember, you did not begin with that word love—knowing what that word love means.

These new ‘letting go’s’ that you are feeling…that all of you are feeling…as if [you say] ‘I thought I let go of that before, but here it comes again.’ That’s okay. That’s another layer, another layer, and then another layer. Again, leaving space for new forms of love to enter your physical body. Your soul already knows how to love. It’s coming from your soul. Your soul already knows how to love. Let the soul—let your soul—fill you with love.”

Thinking of our ‘group soul’ today and wishing us the peace to allow the ‘letting go.’


Living in many dimensions all at the same time!

Are We Ready For This? Yes!


This blog is a continuing story. It would benefit you to start at the first one. Please scroll down to the beginning.

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If you live in the US and are reading this (well even if you don’t), you know there is tremendous upheaval right now. Let me tell you my side of the story…

Less than a month ago, I was emailing someone about my connection to Anu. This person has a big internet presence and I thought this was what he had been leading me to…but alas, that did not happen. What did happen, was more information from Anu. As I was writing to this person, Anu was making it even more clear to me what he was saying, I just didn’t understand it, then, but I do now.

Let’s go back to before this…Over a month ago, after a conversation with a friend, I realized that the only way for our planet to evolve, was to have Trump become President. I didn’t want to believe it, but it was very clear to me. During the last month before the election, I was holding space for whatever was meant to happen. On election day, I shivered as the early results were coming in. It was really happening. I had been feeling the weight of it all day and yet still did not want to believe it.

That election night, as I drove to my meditation circle, I listened to the radio, still not knowing whether he had won. The comments were beautiful in a different way and my body began to experience grief..not just my own. My Spirit Guides gathered around me in the car and said, “We have everything under control.” At that moment, I let go of my control. It was what I needed to do. As I did that, my body shifted and I refocused. Now I was coming from a place of total acceptance and I was not being run by emotions, only love.

Now we are coming to Anu again. During my emails to this person, Anu came through. Here is what I said then,

“I’m humbled by his presence and feel nothing but love and respect from him. He bows to us for what we’ve had to go through. Like he’s, in a way, sorry or embarrassed, but still, he says, ‘We must go through this first before we are to gain access to the reality of every moment.’  He moves in and out of feeling respect and then being sort of firm with us/me.” 

I now understand what he was saying. “We must go through this first…” has to do with the upheaval we are now experiencing. The emotion piece is HUGE! I feel like I’m not only holding space for others, but stopping everyone from jumping off a cliff. I realized the other day, it was time for everyone to jump, and this is what is happening right now.

Mr. Lincoln is also one of my Spirit Guides. He spoke to me that evening also. Here is a snippet of his words:

Abe: “There’s been a deep level of sadness, that I’ve not wanted any of you to feel…any of you; not just here in this room, but all over. I’ve held back from Donna for as long as I could. And it started to come to her being almost a month ago. And today is the day when the weight weighs heavy on many of you. It is more important now than ever to be present— to be in the present moment with all your feelings. I can’t express enough how important it is to have your feelings come through and not those of others.

…We have our own personal upheaval which allows us to shift. As a planet it wasn’t enough.”

As a planet, our own personal shifting was not enough…this had to happen in order to keep up with the planet shifting. Too many of us were holding ourselves back from ‘the cliff.’ We all needed to jump and realize the fallout from that.

11:11. Today is 11:11. A portal opens, and we must receive as well as go through. Some of us will jump through this portal and receive all we are meant to. Others will stand at the precipice. Those of us who are lightworkers, etc., can no longer stop our own shifts from happening. Move through today with great awareness. If you are reading this, you are meant to move beyond your own boundaries right now. Move beyond every other lifetime. This is an area you have never touched before. It will feel different.

I’ve got much more to share now. Morning has broken like a new day. Yes, a new day has come.

Thoughts? Experiences? Share please!

There is more on my other blog. Talk soon.

Donna, Traveling through the dimensions to bring clarity.

The Peaceful Return of Anu

This blog is a continuing story. It would benefit you to start at the first one. Please scroll down to the beginning.

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“Nothing is either good or bad but thinking makes it so.” ~Shakespeare.

I didn’t know what to title this post and then I felt him (Anu) wanting to call it this, with added emphasis on Peaceful.

Honestly, I still am quite unsure of his whole purpose with me. As I think—and look—back over the last few years since he appeared to me, there are still a lot of questions. All I can go on is what’s happened so far with my own journey and know that I am being guided to the answers. And one of the questions is, “What is the question?”

I’m being led continuously to ‘duality’  or rather non-duality. If there is no right/wrong or good/bad, then what about emotions? Are all the emotions that we have as physical beings real?

Recently I was watching a movie and I began to tear up during a scene of kindness. The feeling in my body was the same feeling I have for sadness. The tears felt the same, my body felt the same, but there wasn’t any real emotion, only the tears. I’ve been having this sort of release (?) for years; this quick moment of tearing up. I was having them mostly with moments of happiness…sheer happiness. But now I was feeling the same thing with sadness, or whatever, I don’t have a name for it yet…if there even is one!

It would benefit you, the reader, at this point, to go back and read this post.

Last night’s message from Anu is related to that post.

Last week this message came out of spirit through me,

“We don’t transmute sadness; we cultivate happiness that eventually tips the scale!”

(This is not easy to write about. It would be great if all you guys who are on board with all of this, were right here with me so we could talk it out.)

So, more and more over the last few weeks, I’ve been understanding—no, knowing—that there are no emotions. We created emotions, now we must begin to realize that. If there is no good/bad etc, then there isn’t sadness, grief, anger…only love.  Yes, I know, we all know that there is only love, but we’ve never said there isn’t any other emotion! We’ve only said change all the other emotions to love!

The power of the present moment. When there isn’t anything else happening but this moment, then there is nothing to worry about. If there is no other emotion but love, we don’t need to even feel the other ones.

Emotions were created back when we were one-dimensional beings. WE created them because we didn’t know what to feel. Feelings, in turn, kept us down; kept us from evolving. They weren’t the reasons we evolved, they are the reasons we are NOT evolving NOW! Shit…yep, I just said that.

There is no duality. Emotion is all the same. All feelings originated from that one day (see past post above). We started with feelings of fear, pain, sadness; what we call negative feelings. We then began to cultivate happiness to balance out the negative. You can imagine how deep the sadness runs. Because of that one moment, our physical bodies took on emotions. Before we ever felt happiness, we felt grief.

Anu was with me last night. He said he wants to help bring love and happiness back to the beginning of our time here. First we must recognize our fear was first! We became three dimensional with the feeling of sadness and rage.

Anu said this to me last night,

“Change is imminent. Change is what I’ve come here for. I’m here to help. No more hurt. No more fear. No more sadness. I love now. I always did.”

*Mike drop.

I’m going to be walking through this for just a bit more!!! Seriously, this is pretty intense for me right now. My whole being wants to jump somewhere else beside this. But I can’t. I’m being drawn to continue with this.

Comment below. Let me know you are out there!


“Traveling through the dimensions to bring the answers we already know.”

My Voice Has Been Silent For Too Long

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Anu's messageLast night at Vibrant Health Institute (where I work), I had a night of what I called, “Answers Without Questions,” (Let me add, that the title for this class just ‘came’ to me yesterday) where the guests will write one question on a piece of paper along with their name. They fold it up and I pick one at a time out of the basket and, without opening it, I write a message/the answer from spirit. Most of the time I don’t know who is speaking through me. It’s a very fast message.

I explain that sometimes the question doesn’t matter; if spirit wants you to hear something than that’s what you will get for an answer. I wrote a question to be answered also. I’m going through another big transfiguration right now and I asked this, “Can you give me some guidance about this big move coming up?”

Reminder…when I hold the piece of paper and channel the message, I DO NOT know who it is for. Here was my channeled message:

My voice has been silent for too long. My voice. My voice. There was a time when you heard me and there was a time when you did not. I am wanting to be heard again. Here I am. Not over there…here. Come back this way please.

When I opened the paper and realized it was mine, I had NO clue as to who might be telling me this, let alone that this was any kind of answer to MY question! It had been a long day, so I put it on my desk and didn’t think anything of it and actually forgot what the message was…until this morning.

Early this morning Anu came to me in a dream. All I remember is him being right in front of me. After I woke up, I could still see his image in my mind very clearly, but I’m not sure why he has come to me in my dream now—he never has before. It’s check out day today and I had to get to work. Before I did, I read my ‘answer’ from last night. It took a moment to set in. Then I got it. It was Anu talking to me last night!

Read his message again. I heard him and then I didn’t anymore. When he came through during readings, he was always at a distance from me,  Here I am. Not over there…here.

I am thinking he’s ready to do some talking, or rather I am ready to hear what he has to say. And interestingly enough…my job ended today and I am taking some time off. I’ll keep you posted.

Donna, Interdimensional Traveler

I’m Getting Closer

space portalI recently heard, from the physical world, that Anu and his relatives are coming back to fix what they have done. I’m doing some research on this and I’ll keep you posted. I also listened to the reading where Anu came through to me again (I had no idea who this entity was at the time). All those feelings of wonder and awe came back to me. I’m very happy that there is more information now to confirm what I have been feeling about the Annunaki for the last few years. I leave no room for doubt about what I sense. And I can be very patient when it comes to new beings that show themselves to me. I am always honored and humbled.

There have been many meditations and readings where I’ve helped some very interesting star races ‘get to know’ us as humans. They’ve been kind and loving to us and always gentle. Then I watch them go off and tell the others in their group about this new race that they just met. These are mostly star races from this…I’ll say…galaxy.

Yesterday, I heard from another star race during a reading. My client had just lost her nephew and he didn’t take long to make his way into the reading. First came a group of star beings. When they come through as a group, they have a very powerful energy about them. Never scary, only loving, grounded and strong. They don’t speak. They communicate telepathically with me, if that’s what they choose. This group was dressed in black. Something I’d never seen before. I began to feel an overwhelming sense of…very hard to explain…higher energy. The energy I feel when I communicate with Ascended Masters or Abraham or God. But this was even different from that. This felt ‘other galaxy like’ and they were hesitant, distant, as if they were wary about me. They had come a very long way to ‘bring home’ this soul. Her nephew spoke to me as ‘they’ watched over him.

I asked my client if her nephew was goth-like; did he dress in black? She confirmed that, along with many other things. I asked if ‘he never felt like he belonged here’ and did he take a long time to let friends close to him?  She agreed. He said that he came here to learn about humans for his star race and now he was meant to go home and give his report. His group came to retrieve his soul, but not before he told his story and let her know he was okay. He had a very challenging life here on Earth. It was what he chose and his family and friends served him well. He learned many things about our human race.

As they left, I watched them move through a portal. I’ve seen portals before and this was one that reached even further. I never know if I’ll hear from any of these races again, but I am very happy to be a part of their journey and honored to help. I also knew that I wouldn’t be able to find much about this particular star race on the internet!

What does all this mean? It means that star races are here among us. Some already know about us, others want to learn. There are those that want to help…maybe more than we think.

I continue to serve.

Donna, Interdimensional Warrior

More Is Coming To Light…

…but still not enough to verify what Anu really wants to say to me…or us!

This blog is a continuing story. It would benefit you to start at the first one. Please scroll down to the beginning.

 Thank you for reading!


I watched a YouTube video the other day about the Annunaki. There was a lot I already knew and there was one thing that struck me—although I can’t remember it all right now—and wanted to jot it down.

If you’ve read this blog completely, I talk about ‘seeing’ us in our one-dimensional days, back when we were building the pyramids. This is the blog where I mention that.

My New Entity Appears Again

The video I recently watched had me wondering if that vision was more metaphorical. The pyramids were actually us building our emotional bodies (3-D) and the Annunaki(?) weren’t able to handle that but it happened anyway. They then had to destroy them (us). But then what happened? What star race did this? Was it the Annunaki?

I’m still working through this new realization and I’ll touch base when I get more.

I recently moved again to work with my brother who is the director of a health institute. If you are in the Michigan area, come visit me at the Vibrant Health Institute in Union City, MI.


Interdimensional Warrior

I mend souls.

My Further Impressions

Hi all. I wanted to thank all of you for following this blog and having faith in Anu!

As of this writing, I’ve only seen Anu in the distance, but he is appearing in more of a full form to me. I still believe he is here for the good of all and will present himself fully to more and more with his story.

So many have shared their story about him and he is biding his time until he does the big reveal.

I’ve been a little busy with a move across the country (I live in Seattle now) and also beginning my book on my lives with Abraham Lincoln and a YA novel about time travel.

Love to you and beyond! I can’t wait to hear ‘the rest of the story.’

Donna, Medium and Cobbler

“I mend souls.”

I Can Neither Confirm or Deny That

This blog is a continuing story. It would benefit you to start at the first one. Please scroll to the beginning.

 Thank you for reading!

I’d like to thank all of you that have visited this blog over the last 2 days.  It shows me there are some of us who have an open mind.  Open to receive that which all of us already know and conveniently forgot.  Here we are again, re-membering why we are here.

I’ve been reading this blog for the last two days:

I’m still not finished with it.  It says and confirms for me many things.  However, it is saying that the return of Anu is not such a good thing.  (In my mind, there is no good, bad, right or wrong and I have not yet “seen” a spirit that I haven’t resonated with in some way or has come to me for anything other than advancement for all).

I do know for sure that the entity I have seen in these readings and meditations is Anu. Why is he coming to me? What else will he reveal?  I cannot say…yet.  I do wonder though.  What if he is coming to actually admit what he has done?  And what if he wants to make some sort of amends?  Is that even possible?

With that being said, I can neither confirm or deny what is being said in this blog.  I do, in fact, find it VERY interesting though.  And it’s kind of a little freaky that I have seen a lot of this and understand most of it.

If there’s anyone out there that can add anything up for me, send me an email. If there’s anyone out there who knows this Dr. Neruda, send him my way.  I’d love to pick his brain and maybe he can add some pieces to my puzzle.

For now, all I can say is, be the light that you truly are.

In service,


My New Entity Appears Again…Part Two

This blog is a continuing story. It would benefit you to start at the first one.  Please scroll to the beginning.

 Thank you for reading!

July 31, 2014 Part Two

The following is the second half of this session with B (below is the first half).  It was after this session that I started to understand who this entity was.  I started researching the Anunnaki and found a picture of the being I was seeing.  This was him…EXACTLY!


D:  I think at that point, back in those pyramid days, our cardboard days, so much of the dark star beings were there. And it lasted for a long time.  It had to. That was the role everybody played. We are seeing the difference now between duality….and the light is conquering. They need our help. The star beings need our help to get down here. They need conscious individuals to sit so they can get through. We were wayshowers at the beginning. We stood out above the crowds. People followed us. Same thing here. We have yet to step into what they’re showing us and telling us is going to happen. What they have just cleared in our brains. PAUSE.

I just saw me, in the cut out figure, before it happened, before the collapse of the pyramids. I send an arrow. I shot an arrow into the future and I feel like it landed here in this moment, in this time, for us to remember. The “us” back in cardboard stage knew, and at that moment could see in advance when it was going to come back around. The arrow shot and it took the course. We were on course and it landed here. And they’re all clapping for us right now.

B:  I feel so close to some power, it’s my eons of dust on my body are slowly kind of shaking it off. A piece still asking about “You’re not being delusional, are you?” I’m hearing, “Not by chance.” All of the things that we have imagined and put in movies, super heroes and such, all real.

D:  And that’s why they show us all these things on a movie screen, right? They are validating that. I feel like this was huge. One scene, but huge. So much came out of this one scene. If I look behind me in the theatre, there are so many people with us. Others are doing the same thing right now?

B:  Interesting to see how it comes out.

D:  What was your sense about the arrow? I’m feeling like there are more getting shot forward.

B:  The word I get is “anchor”. Feels like shooting the arrow forward as anchor or impetus to help us move forward.

D:  Move forward, to ascend. Almost like climbing a mountain and putting in spikes. I keep seeing shooting and shooting of the arrows. So many arrows to each timeline. That was the spot, then the next spot. Grab the arrow, reach for it. It’s somewhere in that timeline. We just reached the arrow that I sent back then. We just reached that arrow. That we shot from back then.

B:  Like tabs in a book

D:  Yes! WOW, that was great. That was really great. That’s why I keep seeing arrows. I keep seeing arrows. When I look to Spirit for where to buy a lottery ticket, they keep showing me arrows. (I told the story about just the other day I asked spirit to show me explicitly when to buy a ticket. And the next day I see in my horoscope to buy a lottery ticket. But I didn’t win) Something to do with the arrow and winning the lottery now. We just won the lottery. By seeing this, we just won the lottery.

B:  I was going to say to you, because “you’re looking at the wrong lottery!”

D:  In the past, every time I asked spirit to show me where to buy a ticket, they would always show me an arrow being shot. There is a convenience store here and right next to it is an archery store. So I’ve been buying my ticket there for a few years. Recently, they had a million dollar winner! I didn’t buy my ticket that day. The archery store is gone now, but I keep asking Spirit and they still show me the bow and arrow. I think I just got it. THIS is the point. This is the lottery. We just won it. Just when you thought the session was over.

B: That’s the little nugget. Whammo, just as you think you are winding down, here’s your pot of gold.

D:  My throat was tickling again, like spirit was pulling that one out of me. WOW, we just won the lottery. Bring it on. What’s next?  Do you think there’s another arrow in this lifetime or we got it and now…?

B:  I think there’s a couple more.

D:  And what’s interesting, those arrows were shot just before we died in that lifetime.

B: They were anchors to keep us going forward, so to speak.  Society as a whole.

D:  Do you think everyone has their own arrows?